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Titan Tapes is a trading name of Indigo Industrial Supplies Ltd, an independant supplier of all self adhesive tapes

Our product range includes double sided bonding tapes and popular brands such as 3M, TESA, ADVANCE and SCAPA

We run a price beater guarantee

Give our friendly sales team a call on 01268 768 768 now

Our range includes: antislip tape, cloth tape, 3m vhb tape, foam tape, acrylic tape packaging tape, reflective tape, magnetic tape, gaffer tape, tissue tape, self bonding tape, printed tape, barrier tape, hook and loop tape, teflon tape, high temperature tape, parcel tape, aluminium foil tape, low tack protection tape, non slip tape, kapton tape, polyimide tape and many more

Tell us what you pay, we will beat it

Bulk & trade discounts available

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12/09/2010 - NEW StickyShield adhesive surface protection films for floors, carpets and windows has arrived! most adhesive protection films are unbranded (plain) so you have no come back with poor quality, however StickShield is branded and printed with the StickyShield logo and film type, our films are also colour coded and printed with their designed use, so you will never apply self adhesive protection film to the wrong surface again


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apeTape Adhesive Tapes supply a huge range of Specialist Adhesive Tapes from many leading manufacturers including the very popular SCAPA brand

To view our range of Adhesive Tapes and Prices visit <a href="">Self Adhesive Tapes</a> NB: if the SCAPA brand tape you require is not listed online, simply call us on 01268 768 768 quoting the 4 digit SCAPA reference number

apeTape Adhesive Tapes stock a huge range of Adhesive Tapes including the SCAPA brand of Adhesive Tapes, in particular the SCAPA range of specialist Cloth Tapes. We also supply a massive range of Self Adhesive Tapes including Double Sided Adhesive Tapes, VHB Very High Bond Tapes, Cloth Tape, Reflective Tape and Reflective Sheeting, Magnetic Tape, Magnetic Labels and Magnetic Label Tape for racking, Antislip Tape and Anti-slip Materials, Parcel Tapes inc Custom Printed Tape, Cloth Tape, Gaffer Tape, Elephant Tape, Duct Tape, Duck Tape, Tissue Tape, Aluminium Foil Tape, Teflon Tape, High Temperature Tape, Double Sided Foam Tape, Kapton Tape, 3M Dual Lock and MANY MORE!

If you manage to find SCAPA Brand Adhesive Tapes, Antislip Tape, Reflective Tape, Magnetic Tapes or any of our Adhesive Tapes cheaper elsewhere simply give one of our friendly sales team a call on <b>01268 768 768</b>

<b>Featured Items:</b>

Our most popular Reflective Tape is our adhesive backed type which is supplied in plain colours and supplied on rolls of 10 metres, we can supply any width, however we stock 25mm, 50mm and 100mm

<a href="">Anti Slip Tape</a> - Anti Slip Tape is a very popular self adhesive tape which is generally applied to floors including steps, slopes or wet areas to lower the risk of slippage and accidents occurring. Our range is second to none and our prices are the lowest you will find, plus with our price beater you are guaranteed to make a saving with us!

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** Please note we are not scapa tapes the company, we simply sell adhesive tapes which are made by scapa tapes!


Phone: 01268 768 768

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